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Increased sensation with the lower leg prosthesis

„Otto Bock Harmony System“, Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH, Duderstadt, Germany


With an underpressure mechanism the Harmony® System by Otto Bock increases the safety and mobility of lower leg amputees. The underpressure in the prosthesis shaft creates a better and easier adhesion of the prosthesis. The first step is decisive: The air which escapes from the shaft is released via a valve and prevented from re-entering the space between leg and shaft. Over the course of the day the stump naturally changes its form and its volume - the integrated pump constantly balances this difference in volume. It can also suck out additional air.


Since the stump does not only fit superficially, but is embedded, compressive and tractive forces are spread over the whole stump. This also applies to impulses which are transferred to the prosthesis from the ground. The underpressure system transfers it to the complete stump via which the lower leg amputee can then sense uneven patches and the texture of the ground. The impact on the joints and the spine is absorbed by the pump. An additional rotation unit takes care of turning the artificial ankle and leads to a physiological gait pattern, thus relieving the hip in particular. Apart from the comfortable use of the individually adjusting shaft, the underpressure system improves the blood circulation in the stump and is thus particularly valuable for sufferers of diabetes and vascular diseases.

Overview of concepts:


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Increased sensation with the lower leg prosthesis

„Otto Bock Harmony System“, Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH, Duderstadt, Germany


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