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Press release of 28 April 2005

Press release by the Life Science Agency and the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen


1st International Competition for Life Sciences and Design

Medicine with a Vision: Life Science Design


Essen/Düsseldorf, 28 April 2005 - One thing in advance: Life Science Design has nothing to do with pink cough syrup bottles. What scientists, entrepreneurs, and designers can submit for the first international competition for life science and design are rather ‘concepts for a better life’.


The ‘life science design award: concepts’ (lsda) invites designers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to develop forward-looking concepts for products from the life sciences. The start of the competition is marked by the life science design conference, which will take place in the Essen red dot design museum on 14 June 2005. Those who are interested in the competition can find out more and register at


The life science design award: concepts (lsda)

The competition reacts to the growing economical and societal significance of health and medicine. Life science design is a growing market with great economic potentials. The purpose of the lsda is to support this development and to make the progress of the trade visible. The competition promotes the innovative power of entrepreneurs and designers, by bringing them together with scientists and inviting them to go beyond the borders of their discipline and together develop new concepts for the field of life sciences. Ideas can be submitted to the competition until 1 August 2005. An expert jury of researchers and designers will adjudicate the concepts, select ten of them and endow them with project money. Until the Medica 2005, the leading medical trade fair, the creators of the selected projects develop models of their concepts, which they will then present in a special exhibition at the fair. At the Medica, the jury will announce the winner of the competition, who will receive a prize-money of Euro 20,000.


The life science design conference

The first international conference for life sciences and design, the ‘life science design conference’, which takes place in the red dot design museum in Essen on 14 June 2005, marks the beginning of the lsda. The conference offers designers, entrepreneurs and scientists the opportunity to exchange ideas and thus gain new insights into functional and aesthetic possibilities for designing new products. In three keynotes from the fields of science, commerce and design, experts shed a light on the broad spectrum of life science design. The speakers are Prof. Hans Hatt, chair of cell physiology at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, president of the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, and ICSID president elect, Montreal, as well as Prof. Uvo Hölscher, head of the use-lab of the University of Applied Sciences, Münster. After the keynotes, participants can deepen their contacts and know-how in one of the parallel workshops on the topics “Product development and design between scientific innovation and medical acceptance” and “Naturalness and artificiality – symbiosis of materials, interfaces and environment”.


The speakers include among others Prof. Rainer M. M. Seibel of the Mülheim Radiology Institute and Dr. Ingo Heschel, managing director of Matricel, Herzogenrath.


Press release by the Life Science Agency and the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen


Sunrise industry ‘Life Science Design’

“Computer tomography and telemedicine bring images from the innermost parts of the body onto the screen; cells which rebuild joint cartilage in the human body grow on miniature frames; and titanium head implants grow together with the other bones: All this is only possible thanks to researchers and practitioners with a vision to develop new products that make human life better,” explains Dr. Sylvia Deutschmann, managing director of the Life Science Agency.


Together with the project partners she wants to show that the methods of these scientists and entrepreneurs, such as integration of new materials or miniaturisation, enable the creation of something new between “naturalness and artificiality”. This has enormous potential for the future – not only for scientists and physicians, but also for designers and entrepreneurs: “Where the encounter of different knowledge creates new ideas, the most important innovations and a new quality of design emerge,” explains Prof. Peter Zec, president-elect of the world umbrella organisation of design ICSID and head of the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. “Here designers, scientists and entrepreneurs are called upon to give form to the ideas, to turn possibilities into humane products.”


On the life science design award: concepts (lsda)

In cooperation with the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, the Life Science Agency (LSA) organises the ‘life science design award: concepts’ (lsda) competition for new ideas and concepts, which meet the demand for innovative product forms in the life sciences, thus influencing the design of humane products of the future. The target group includes scientists and researchers from the life sciences as well as designers and entrepreneurs. Messe Düsseldorf and Life Technologies Ruhr/Projekt Ruhr are project partners; DIE ZEIT and MIT Technology Review are media partners of the lsda.


For further information: Jennefer Vogt, Press and public relations work LSA Life Science Agency GmbH

Phone +49.211.30 12 36-22, j.vogt(at)



Essen/ Düsseldorf, 28 April 2005

First international Competition for Life Sciences and Design

Medicine with a Vision: Life Science Design

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Press release of 15 June 2005


Essen/ Düsseldorf, 28 September 2005

Ten concepts receive awards from jury in ‘life science design award: concepts’ competition


Essen/ Düsseldorf, 16 November 2005

Award presentation of the life science design award: concepts