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life science design conference - Speakers

Plasma surface coating of cardio stents,
Alcove Surfaces, Gladbeck

Dr. Sylvia Deutschmann

Life Science Agency, Düsseldorf

Welcome address and keynotes


Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. med. habil. H. Hatt

Chair of Cell Physiology, Ruhr-University Bochum

Follow Your Nose – Biosensors of Human Odor Perception


Prof. Dr. Peter Zec

Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Essen

ICSID President Elect, Montreal

Between Aesthetics and Anaesthesia

Design and Life Science


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uvo Hölscher

Use-Lab of the University of Applied Sciences, Münster

Life Science Design – Economical Implications for Manufacturers and Operators


Prof. Dr. Rainer M. M. Seibel

Mülheim Radiology Institute

life science design award: concepts

A Scientific Classification



Workshop I


Product Development and Design between Scientific Innovation and Medical Acceptance



Workshop II


Naturalness and Artificiality - Symbiosis of Materials, Interfaces and Environment